Fusing collecting and technology,
we are working toward a vision where collectibles can be traded the same way equities are traded today

An NFT for each asset

With a non-fungible token assets have provenance.
Provenance is one of the backbones of economies, whether it
relates to artifacts or real estate. There has always been a need
to authenticate that a party actually owns an asset prior to any
business dealing involving that asset, to ensure that the asset is "true"
rather than stolen or faked.

What we do

We are collectors
that are also technologists

In today's world, collectibles, are not considered investments. Too much money
is lost to the graders and auction companies, valuation is not transparent, and
provenance is never built for an asset. We believe we can change this paradigm and
turn the collectibles you love into valuable assets that can be easily insured, used as
collateral or fractionalized for trading purposes.